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A complete and affordable email marketing program designed to increase visibility, build brand awareness and generate leads. Best of all, we do everything for you.

If you’re not utilizing email marketing, for whatever reason, now is the time! Email marketing allows you to reach a broad base of customers quickly and economically, and provides the ability to tell your brand story as it evolves.

Sure, you can do email marketing campaigns yourself using a variety of online tools. But, the fact is, with our industry knowledge and experience we can do it more efficiently and more effectively than you. We’ll make your email marketing campaigns come to life with a professional, dynamic look and feel.


  • Campaigns include development, launching, follow up and tracking.

  • Campaigns are launched at pre-selected times per month to maximize visibility.

  • Senior level designers develop and maintain your program.

  • Ongoing modifications keep your campaigns fresh and interesting.

  • Performance analytics update you on email campaign activity.

  • Our partnership is dedicated to helping you achieve greater success.


We address your specific needs/goals and develop an email marketing program customized to work specifically for your company. We are also mindful of email clutter and strive to create campaigns of interest and relevance to your customer base. Your story is important and we intend to tell it properly.

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Bob Black, CEO


Rick Tabone, CAS, CTSM, Chief Operating Officer