don't let you your leads get old or cold

There are numerous ways to categorize leads 
  • hot
  • interested
  • need more information
  • saw you at a show
  • might have an upcoming project
  • reviewed your website
  • and a host of other opportunities for a sale
Don’t let them get cold.
We like the term lead rejuvenation because we’re not selling you potential. We are taking actual expressed interest and following through to secure sales. You’ve already taken the first step by being present in the market, the customer has seen and/or spoken to you, the interest is there, but you have to follow through.
  • Personal follow-up calls made within days of generation*
  • Communication noted in detail so you can act
  • Proper contacts provided for additional follow through
  • Excel spreadsheet sent upon completion
*Information received via Excel will be acted upon immediately. Receipt in other formats may require additional data entry which we can perform as well, but requires additional time.
Many suppliers don’t have the physical resources to make the calls. Limited staff is already running the day-to-day business and pulling anyone from their current duties can’t be done without repercussions elsewhere.
Relax – we’ve got you covered. Our talented team of sales professionals will make the follow-through call for you, identify needs and immediately notify you. Don’t let those leads go to waste … take action.

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Bob Black, CEO



Rick Tabone, CAS, CTSM, Chief Operating Officer