do you even know where to start?

PPAI EXPO- Las Vegas
ASI – Orlando
HPPA – Houston
EXPO EAST – Atlantic City
These are just a few of over 40+ promotional products shows covering roughly 27 local associations. Throw in a few travelling showcases, some excellent end-user events, and you are out of the office the better portion of the year.
Can your business really afford that expense?

Simple answer... NO.
Attending all of the available shows makes absolutely no sense, but how do you choose what’s right for you?
You don’t – we do!

Our Certified Trade Show Manager (CTSM) will help you decide which shows work best for you and determine the most effective methods to ensure tradeshow traffic. There’s more to an effective tradeshow than just participation.

Pre-show communications, booth design, traffic patterns and post-show follow-up are often overlooked, but so very important to the success and ROI of each event. Let our professional staff outline the best options.

  • Event optimization – we’ll select the best options for your goals

  • Booth organization and design – we’ll help coordinate your layout for maximum exposure and effectiveness

  • Pre-show communications – we’ll recommend the best alternatives to drive traffic

  • Staffing – if you don’t have the people, we can help*

  • Post show follow-up – we can assist in taking full advantage of the leads*


*Staffing and post-show lead rejuvenation are additional services we offer, please feel free to ask about these too.


We understand the value of the local associations, we appreciate the coverage of travelling showcases and we recognize the concept of end-user shows, but most importantly … we know which you should attend and how to do it properly.

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Bob Black, CEO


Rick Tabone, CAS, CTSM, Chief Operating Officer