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do you even know where to start?

Let’s face it, the tradeshow and event market is undergoing a huge transition and the comeback process will be deliberate. Whether attending, participating or hosting, your budget will likely be stretched and scrutinized. 

How do we help with your pain points?

It’s important to work with our Certified Trade Show Manager (CTSM) to determine what avenues are best for you and your budget.

If Hosting:

  • Your budget is imperative – we’ll stay on course.

  • The venue is often a game changer – we’ll assist your decision.

  • Location is a key factor – travel is a major consideration.

  • Timing – what’s the occasion?

  • Results – what’s the objective?

If Participating:

  • Location, location, location – traffic patterns are important.

  • Booth layout and design – we’ll help with both.

  • Pre-show communications - imperative

  • Booth personnel – who and why?

  • Post-show communication – maximize your leads.

  • R.O.I.

We understand the value of tradeshows and events. Many can be the best value for your money while others are a complete waste of resources. We’ve hosted and attended plenty over the years to know the difference. Let us share our experience to get the best possible return for you.

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Bob Black, CEO



Rick Tabone, CAS, CTSM, Chief Operating Officer