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So, how do you feel about working for free? Not interested, right? Well, that’s basically what you’re asking an independent rep to do if you don’t have enough sales to generate an income.

Not many successful reps will pioneer a new line knowing it’s going to take 12 – 18 months to reach a suitable income.


Unfortunately, the lure of a higher commission doesn’t work either because they’re still working with a very limited sales base providing unsustainable commission checks. Another problem is … you don’t know who you’re hiring.

  • Some territories have over 30 independent reps – ours are vetted

  • Premiere reps can get you in the door immediately

  • Access to the top distributors in each market

  • Compensation/commission assistance

  • Regional event participation through the local rep group

  • We personally know and recommend


We provide a network of vetted independent reps that understand your situation and trust our judgment. We know the reps that represent premier suppliers that enable them access to the best distributors. We know the reps that work and we know the reps that welcome potential.


Hiring reps is a tremendously positive step … you’re growing! Let us shorten the path to success by introducing you to consistently high performers that will open new doors.

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Bob Black, CEO


Rick Tabone, CAS, CTSM, Chief Operating Officer